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Newcastle International Kilns have vast experience within the kiln industry. Servicing the ceramic and engineering markets within the UK and International market place. Our flexibility of design allows us to maintain a wide product brief to satisfy our customer’s needs.


In addition to our bespoke Industrial kiln solutions, we also supply a range of top loading and front loading, electric or gas fired kilns and furnaces.

All products are backed up by our parts and service department. We cater for a wide range of customer needs, including Aerospace, The Pottery and Ceramic Industry, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Small to Medium Private Business, Glass Artists and Hobbyists, Private Studios and Heat Treatment.

Newcastle International Kilns

Bespoke Industrial Gas Kilns

We can design, build and commission your gas kiln to your requirements, whatever the size.

Having worked on gas kilns worldwide there are not many types we haven't been involved with.

Our vast experience in working on such projects has given us the insight in to the best practices for design, product yield and preventative maintenance when and where possible.

We have taken this knowledge along with the latest products on the market to enable us to achieve this service.

We can offer a reliable, energy saving gas kilns to meet your requirements, no matter what the size of your project.

Your gas kiln type could be any of the following depending on your requirements:

Intermittent or tunnel, single or multi-zone, pressure controlled, atmospherically controlled, have a slow rate of temperature increase or decrease at any point in the firing cycle , even rapid cooling. Whatever your require we can accommodate.

We can design, build and commission your gas kiln to your requirements, whatever the size.

Having worked on gas kilns worldwide there are not many types we haven't been involved with.

Our vast experience in working on such projects has given us the insight in to the best practices for design, product yield and preventative maintenance when and where possible.


Are you seeking a Bespoke Kiln Solution?


With our accumulated experience and knowledge over the years, we can guarantee that we have either built or worked on similar solutions.

Whether it be gas, electric, truck or a fixed hearth, we can meet your requirements. We build bespoke kilns of any size, from 1m³ upwards.


Our studio kilns can be situated in either a studio or in an industrial environment, for the professional or hobbyist. We supply a variety of electric or gas open top kilns. Our N.I.T.L range of electric kilns are a cost effective firing solution and are suitable for firings up to 1300c.

All kilns in the range provide excellent temperature control and are available with a range of plug-in temperature controllers to suit your individual requirements.



Our Service and Maintenance department offer a comprehensive level of support to all of our customers.


We supply replacement parts for all types of kilns with a 24 hour delivery service (if requested) from the date of placing your order. Please be aware that due to the number of items we supply, we are unable to give details on all parts we stock and therefore kindly ask customers to contact us with enquiries and allow us to give you the help and advice you require.

We have a team of fully qualified engineers on call out to deal with maintenance and commissioning work on all types of existing kilns and furnaces, regardless of manufacturer and model.


Our engineers travel to sites all over the UK and work efficiently and promptly. We also offer a removal and relocation service for existing appliances either no longer in use or relocation to another premises. Please contact us to arrange this service.


John F Morris from C.M.M.C China

Peter used his vast experience to design out potential faults in his kiln designs. He is always prepared to discuss all aspects of design, manufacture, installation and servicing and is open to other opinions if he can see the benefits. He seeks to incorporate development of new technology into his designs provided they offer advantages. He is very much aware of energy saving Take care Peter John F Morris – C.M.M.C China

Sabina from Irish Dresden

We (Irish Dresden, Ireland) have been working with Peter Cassidy of Newcastle Kilns International for at least 20 years. We met him during his time with Kilns and Furnaces. Due to decline in our business we lost contact . 2 years ago we were experienced a lot of problems with our kilns and were lucky to be able contact Peter. In no time he visited us in the South of Ireland, found the problems and rectified these. As Peter says he is only a phone call away and if necessary he will be on site asap. Peter is very pleasant to work with, nothing is too much hassle and he will only leave the premises when the problem is solved. We have only very good experiences with Peter and can highly recommend him.

Kevin Green from The Edge Ceramics

I have dealt with Newcastle Kilns for some 5 years now and happened by chance. What luck! Newcastle Kilns have looked after me ever since. The Edge Ceramics is only a small company producing high quality lamp bases to a major international design company. Also, products to the most prestigious cooker company in the UK and Worldwide. The reliability and consistency of the kiln firing is paramount to me and Newcastle Kilns fits the bill perfectly in every dept. Although my company is small, Peter Cassidy, the owner of Newcastle Kilns, endeavours to look after large and small companies exceptionally well, going the extra mile. Newcastle Kilns built me 2 new kilns and we were delighted from the word go. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Dave West from Emma Bridgewater

‘Newcastle International Kilns have been contracted to do a number of projects for us over the past 2 years. They initially submitted a price and a project plan to refurbish one of our electric kilns where they worked closely with us to achieve what we required within a specific budget. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. The products and workmanship were of a very high standard and the after sales service was excellent. Any problems were dealt with swiftly usually solved within a 24 hour period, minimising adverse effects to production. They offer a 24 hour call out and their knowledge and expertise in the ceramic firing sector is very extensive. We continue to use NIK and have since contracted them to complete some further projects into the future. I would not hesitate to recommend their services, a reliable trustworthy company at reasonable prices.’  

Pam Ridge from Staffordshire Heritage

‘We have been a customer for 12 years, of NI Kilns (Pete Cassidy) to maintain both electric and gas kilns. From changing elements, bricklaying, repair brickwork or modules, as well as setting up gas burners. They offer excellent support and they are available on request. We were that confident in them that we employed them to build our 2 new electric (glost) kilns, here at Staffordshire Heritage. We would highly recommend them to anyone in this industry. They are an integral part of our team.’  

Mark Cumberlidge from Furlong Mills

‘Newcastle International Kilns have provided our business with an excellent service over the last 5 years. We have received quick turnarounds for kiln repairs such as element re-wiring or brick re-lining and have provided cost effective solutions to our problems. I would be happy to recommend them.’  

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